Sussex Wildlife Trust

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The Sussex Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation organisation covering East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust:

  • Manages over 4500 acres of nature reserves
  • Runs a renowned environmental education programme
  • Speaks out, and are listened to, on all the major environmental issues that impact on life in Sussex
  • Is supported by over 33,500 members

The Sussex Wildlife Trust was formed in 1961, and is now the largest conservation organisation dedicated to conserving the natural heritage of Sussex.

One of the most wooded counties in the UK, Sussex is a splendid county with a rich history, with dramatic coastline, grazing marshes, the glorious chalk hills of the South Downs and internationally rare heathland.

The aim of the Sussex Wildlife Trust is to conserve the Sussex landscape, wildlife, and its habitats, and to use its knowledge and expertise to help the people of Sussex to enjoy, understand and take action to this end.

With more than 33,500 members and 6,000 junior ‘Wildlife Watch’ members, the Trust manages 4,500 acres of land, which include some of the finest wild places in Sussex. Over 450 active volunteers are involved in all aspects of our work and together work more than 6,500 days a year for the Trust.

The Trusts renowned schools programme, together with an extensive programme of courses and events enables people to understand and respect the habitats and wildlife in Sussex.

We speak out and are listened to on all the major environmental issues that impact on life in Sussex. We work with landowners, local and national bodies to achieve a better environment within which the economy can thrive and at a local level with people in villages and towns enabling them to manage a local green space for wildlife.

The Trust is an important information centre on habitat, wildlife and conservation issues. ’WildCall’ is a telephone information service for anyone with a query on conservation, from a concern about a planning application to what to do with an injured wild animal.

The Trust houses the Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre which holds over 3,200,000 species records across Sussex.


We welcome visitors to our nature reserves and operate a policy of open access wherever possible. There are a few exceptions, however, where we need conserve particularly sensitive wildlife or where access can only be gained through other land under private ownership (see permit only section). We hope that you will enjoy our reserves and that you will return to visit them throughout the year as the wildlife changes with the seasons.

Nature reserves are wild places, and as such it is likely that conditions underfoot can become muddy and slippery when wet and the ground is often uneven. To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit please go properly equipped, with good walking shoes or wellingtons and sensible clothing for the weather conditions. Always take notice of signs warning of danger or on-site works.

Each reserve entry has information describing the access conditions you are likely to encounter, including steep slopes, gates and stiles. We are endeavouring to improve access wherever possible.

In order to conserve the wildlife of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves:

  • Please do not remove any plants or animals from reserves.
  • Please keep to the paths wherever possible.
  • Close all gates and avoid trespass or disturbance to adjacent property.
  • Take care to avoid disturbing birds or other animals especially during the spring and early summer when they are breeding.
  • Guard against fire. Heathlands in particular are highly inflammable.
  • Please take litter away with you.
  • Sheep and cattle are often used to graze nature reserves. Please avoid disturbing these animals.
  • Dogs disturb wildlife. Please keep your dog under control.

Using public transport
Where possible please try to leave your car at home. Most nature reserves can be reached by public transport.
For more details please contact: Traveline: 0870 6082608

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