Nymans Gardens

Nymans website:http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/nymans/

Outstanding 20th-century garden, set around a romantic house and ruins, in beautiful woodland.

Set in the High Weald with splendid views, the garden is a series of experimental designs with spectacular planting and beauty all year. Both a horticulturalist’s dream and a peaceful country garden, it is easy to lose yourself in its intimate and surprising corners.

The house, transformed into a Gothic mansion in the 1920s, burnt down shortly after, leaving romantic ruins. The remaining rooms are unexpectedly charming, filled with flowers from the garden as Anne Messel, Countess of Rosse had them.

Ancient woods beyond the garden dip into the valley, with walks among avenues, wild flowers, the lake and cascades.

Don’t miss
•             Beauty and colour all year round
•             Fascinating and rare plants
•             Green gardening and living in action
•             Anne Messel’s house filled with flowers
•             Creative Messel family including Oliver (designer) and Lord Snowdon (photographer)
•             Ancient woodland and splendid South Downs and Sussex Weald views

Come and visit, whatever the weather
Don’t worry if it’s raining – you can still take our house tour, visit the Unravelled exhibition, put your wellies on and go for a walk in the woods. Or, enjoy a warm cup of tea in our café

Where to find us:

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