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Set high on the Sussex Downs, Goodwood is the perfect setting to enjoy top class racing with friends and family. The relaxed atmosphere is unique and with nineteen racedays from May through to October.

Glorious Goodwood

It’s Racing Chic, it’s Glorious!

The famous five day Festival returns at the end of July, bursting with fabulous fashions, succulent strawberries, chilled Champagne and top racing stars. Undoubtedly the highlight of the summer sporting and social calendar, when more than 100,000 people flocked through the gates to enjoy the chic, relaxed and incredibly stylish atmosphere. Read more…

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Plan your day at Goodwood Racecourse

First-time Horseracing

HorseRacing made Easy

Going Horseracing can be intimidating and confusing if it’s your first time! Follow our step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your day.

To start with

Try to arrive at Goodwood at least an hour before racing begins so you have time to familiarise yourself with the racecourse. This is a good time to buy and study a race card from one of the various kiosks around the course.

The race card will tell you everything you need to know – including locations, the day’s events and full race details, including times, runners and riders.

Finding your way around Goodwood Racecourse

The Pre-Parade RingThis is the horses’ warm-up area, where they are led around by their stable lads or lasses, in preparation for the race.

The Unsaddling Area

Unplaced horses go here after the race to be unsaddled by their jockeys.

The Winner’s Enclosure

The Winner’s Enclosure can be found in the Paddock and winning and placed horses go here after the race. Winning owners, and sometimes trainers, are presented with trophies in this area.

The Parade Ring

After leaving the Pre-Parade Ring, horses  enter the Parade Ring, giving punters the chance to inspect the horses they fancy backing.  Parade Ring access is available from the Richmond and Gordon Enclosures. A bell sounds 10 minutes before the start, signalling that jockeys have “weighed out” and must mount horses and ride out onto the course.

The Horsewalk

The aptly named route leading the horse and jockey to the track. Only Richmond badge holders have access to the Horsewalk at Goodwood. The Horsewalk Restaurant is located next to this area, giving diners a premium view.


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