Bognor Regis – Sunniest Spot in Britain

Bognor Regis - Spring Cottage B&BAs we all look for a break and some much needed sunshine, we love to remind our guests at Spring Cottage that Bognor Regis is officially the sunniest place in Britain!

In recent years, we all become very aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from too much exposure to the sun. Iceni Magazine reports that as long as you remember to apply plenty of sun lotion, sun exposure is an essential element to good health. It does more than give you a glowing tan, Vitamin D, from natural sun exposure, is critically important for a healthy immune and nervous system. However, one of the most obvious effects of the sunshine is how it can make you feel. The sunlight increases the release of serotonin in the body which helps you feel happier and the majority of us feel more energetic, awake and positive during the sunnier days of the year.

So, come to sunny Bognor Regis with 1902 Hours of Sunshine per year for your staycation!

Bognor Regis where the sun shines, on average, for more hours in a year than anywhere else in the country. No need for your passport, just make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and then just drive down to the south coast.

Bognor Regis enjoys on average 1902 hours of sunshine every year. The most sunshine this location has ever seen in one year was 2237 hours recorded in 1990. The long hours of sunshine make it a perfect destination to take the family away for the summer holidays, or take a trip with friends, to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D.

One of the most visited attractions is the Bognor Regis Pier. Opened in 1865, it has seen many thousands of people walk on the Victorian structure to admire the beach views and take in the sea air.

The town is proud of its clean beaches and bustling town centre: it was formerly a small fishing village but today it is perhaps best known for holding the annual international Birdman event. The competition involves people leaping off the pier in their home-made flying machines and is held each summer.

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