Autumn Break 2020 & Covid

Autumn Break - slindon pumpkinsHello Everyone,

Autumn break 2020? Normally at this time of year we would be looking forward to welcoming guests old and new to enjoy an Autumn break at Spring Cottage B&B.

Covid has meant a very different year for all of us. We re-opened at the beginning of July and took every possible precaution to keep our guests safe:

In order to comply with government guidances and in order to make sure everyone is safe we have implemented the following:
Before your arrival, the room will be fully cleaned and sanatised and to minimise contact we will be removing daily cleaning during your stay so that you can truly relax in the knowledge that nobody other than you and your family will be entering your room.
Any dirty glasses, mugs, towels etc can be placed outside your room and will be replaced accordingly.
However a small cleaning of the room can be requested if necessary.
Upon arrival guests must wear a mask and use the sanitiser provided in the entrance hall and leave their shoes as slippers will be provided.
We will serve all items relating to breakfast to guests and I will be wearing a mask and gloves in order to do so.
We will reduce the amount of guests by half as will only book one room at a time with a minimum of 4 days gap in between.
Finally we ask all our guests to be alert and avoid touching any surfaces whenever possible.
Since reopening, we are pleased to report the new COVID-19 guidances have been most welcomed by our guests who have felt safe while staying with us and have followed the new rules of wearing masks and using hand sanitizer, so a big thank you to everyone for helping to keep safe and healthy!
But an Autumn break in 2020 simply won’t be happening for most of our guests. We hope to be back to normal in Autumn 2021 and looking forward to events such as Slindon Pumpkin Festival, Littlehampton Bonfire & Fireworks and in December Arundel by Candlelight. All of which have unfortunately been cancelled this year.
We hope to see you all again next year and, as we all continue to fight this war against Covid-19, let us try to make the most of life during this difficult time, remembering to stay home and stay safe.